Berlin Easter Puppies

Here are a few pics taken at the puppies easter eggs hunting during the BLF Easter Berlin. I really enjoyed capturing the puppies having a wonderful brunch at the Bretzel Company before hitting the streets of Berlin. Thanks to all the puppies and handlers who participated to the event! Part 2 of the pics will come soon!

A Sunday on the banks of the Seine

Ludovic, one of the candidates of Mr Rubber France 2017 asked me if I would mind taking a few photos for his application files. That's an offer I could not refuse! The weather was not really great, but at least I got not too much reflexion on the very nice rubber suit he was wearing. He chose a spot on the bank of the river Seine in the center of Paris. It was the first sunny day since months, so a lot of family chose the same spot than us for their Sunday walk. Most of them were intrigued and amused when they saw us. And we ended up on a lot of selfies! Here are the pics the candidates chose for his application form.

Bondage Initiation

From time to time I get asked to initiate someone to Bondage. I never say yes immediately. I always first take the time to discuss with the person to understand why he wants to try bondage. When it is clear we are both looking for the same thing I organize a first session. A couple of weeks ago I met with Aferal, a rubber fan. After I got him bound in my ropes I could not resist taking a few pics. Not the best artistic ones, but at least he will have memories of his first bondage meet. Oh and by the way he will be back soon, so I guess he enjoyed being tied-up ;)

Mister Super Hero Fetish Europe

The first ever Election of Mister Super Hero Fetish Europe took place during the Belgian Leather & Fetish Pride in Antwerp on Feb 17th. It was organized by my friend Robin, the founder of the site so I ended up helping him and talking a few pics. Great work from the candidates and the jury, and congratulations to the winner, Captain Europe! More info and photos bout the election here. Oh and by the way the Leather Pride was fantastic as usual, and I even got some time to "play" with the some super heroes ;)

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