Shootign with Aferal

Aferal is young French guy pretty new on the latex scene. After having the chance to initiate him to bondage, I could have him in front of my camera for a few hours. He knew what kind of photos he wanted, and he sent a pretty complete story board before he session. Don't worry, I could still use my imagination ;) He is a fan of gas mask so I tried to get this accessory pretty central in the shooting. He liked the result and I hope you will like it too! Btw, if you want to be the next on in the studio, contact me here.

Brussels Pride

I joined the Brussels LGBT pride last Saturday. This was a prefect day to hang around in latex. And it was nice to meet again with some great friends. Of course I took a few pics...

Parisian Superboy

Superboy exists, I met him in Paris! My friend Robin Hero participated to the Paris Fetish Week in one of his favorite suits. It is always nice to be able to capture some super heroes in action, or should I say shopping ;) And of course Farex managed to get in the pics too... puppies! Thanks to IEM and Mister B for letting us take the photos.

Paris Fetish Week Puppies walk

During the Fetish Week a pack of puppies hit the Paris road to celebrate the election of Matt, the first MR Puppy France. Thanks to for organizing the walk and to Mister B, Boxxman, Rex and IEM for hosting us! For the puppies who participated and did not get the link to all the pics, drop me a mail or ping me on FB. Matt, the newly elected Mister Puppy France 2017 and Farex, MR Puppy Europe 2017

Rubber at dusk

My friend Robin Hero decided to participante to the election of Mr Rubber 2017. He needed a few pics for his application. We wanted to do an outdoor shooting but Paris rainy weather did no help. We finally ended-op doing the sooting at dusk, which gave sole interested pictures. btw you go and vote for him and the other candidates here:

The Men in Black

During the BLF Easter Berlin week-end I met with 2 of my good zentai lovers friends, Faradrim and Spidy84. Luckily I had brought y ropes with me, so I could tie-up Spidy84. Of course this little devil of Faradrim took advantage of the situation... But don't worry, Spidy84 had some ropes with him too, so he got his revenge. Thanks for this great time guys!

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