Simply pup

I had the pleasure to do another shooting with Farex. The best is to let Farex talk himself about it: "Here's a set of pics which is a little bit special ^^. I had an idea in mind: simply be puppy. I often met puppies with magnificent gears. Whether it's in rubber or in other fabrics. However, most of them had a common point for me... they were not pups. Because the puppy-play it's not only being a cute guy wearing a superb suit, it's first of all having the right attitude! Being a pup is being a dog while remaining human! With this shooting, I want to show that, even with the bare minimum, we can be a puppy via our behavior!" I had fun trying to dress him with light, and I hope you will li

The man in blue

A couple of weeks ago I hosted a lycra lovers for the fist time in the studio. His beautiful zentai inspired me a lot as you can see below. Even if I like rubber catsuits a lot, I still think a lycra suit is still the most beautiful and smooth second skin for a man. To see the full size pic just click on it!

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