Spiderman homecoming

Spiderman came home for a small shooting in the studio. He did not use his net so I am safe :)

Folsom Puppy Walk

Here is the part 2 of the photos I took during the Puppy Walk at Folsom. Puppies feel free to reach to me if you want to get the pics where we see your nice masks. I took too much to post them all here.

Folsom Europe

I went to my first Folsom Europe last week-end. What a blast! It was really nice to meet so many good friends during these 3 days, especially during the street fair. I took some pics of course, but I actually spent most of the time chatting. Anyway, here is a first set of some of my favorite pics. Enjoy!

Who let the pups out?

If you ever wondered what happens when you let more than a hundred puppies have a walk in the streets of Berlin... well now you will know. This can only happen in Folsom...

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