This weekend took place as part of the Paris Fetish Week the first edition of the ALPHA-EXP. ALPHA-EXP by Bond&Co is the new playing area dedicated to fetishism and bondage. This was the meeting point for gay novices or confirmed followers of bondage, mummification, electro and vacbed-vaccube. The organizers nicely asked me to come to take a few pics. Practicing bondage myself, I tried to highlight the work of my colleagues by showing their focus and the trust that they establish with the guys falling in their ropes. I hope I succeeded and they will enjoy my view of a great afternoon. The complete event galleries are here and here. Ce week-end avait lieu dans le cadre de la Fetish Week Paris

Brussels Pride

The Brussels pride is usually my first pride of the year. This year again I had a great time hanging out in rubber and taking some pics. Here is a selection of my favorite pics. Cannot wait for the Paris and Antwerp prides!

Why do I march?

I often get asked why do I join prides as a fetishist. This is not so simple to answer. First as a gay man I join for "political" reasons, to remind that the even if there were great progresses over the last decade in our West European countries, LGBT people don't have the same rights. There are still too many countries where being gay is considered as a crime. Prides are a good way to make sure people don"t forget this. As Amnesty International claimed this year in Brussels, I march for those who can"t. Then I walk by pride. For me it has not always been easy to accept to be gay and then to live my fetichism in public. I discovered my love for seconds skins at puberty, at a time where not a

Almost naked

Who said you need a lot of equipment to enjoy a rubber bondage session? For once my friend only put his rubber gloves and hood on. During the session he whispered in his gag: "can you take a few pics?" As the studio equipment was still out after the last shooting I quickly grabbed my camera and took these few pics. And yes we had a lot of fun...

First timer

I like first timers. Being a dom, I of course like having the control of a session, and hosting a guy for his first bondage session is definitely adding a twist for me. Having to tie and please a guy who still does not really know what will turn him on requires me to be even more focused, to listen carefully to his moan to see if I "hit" the right spots and make him enjoy his first time. I usually focus less on my own pleasure as I mainly want to make sure his first experience matches his fantasy and that it will the first of many BDSM sessions. My last visitor came for his first latex and bondage meet. He was extremely nervous before we start, but as usually with us kinksters, he got totall

Paint it white

Things get easily out of control when some friends and I put a zentai on. We started the shooting with the idea of using the black zentai to show ropes work over a black background... and then someone said something else could be very visible on the black hood. I let you see what happened then.

Robin and Faradrim

Robin and Faradrim visited me for a session in zentai. They like the feeling of the lycra all over their bodies as much as I do. I could not resist to put one of my zentais as well to join them.

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