Kinky Husky

Shadow is a kinky husky! We met for the first time last summer, but I only had him for the first time in the studio a few weeks ago. I have to day he behaved... until his alpha Farex showed-up fully covered of rubber.

Rubber gimp

I got a cute rubber gimp in the studio the other day. We used different backgrounds to play with accessories he brought. His gas mask was perfect to put the focus on his eyes. I am sure that if you follow this blog regularly you will recognize who is hiding under the mask because of his eyes :)

Simply Puppy-Play

One year ago, Farex asked me to fo a shooting on the topic " Simply puppy " to remind everybody that puppy-play isn't only a beauty contest and that you don't need a lot of gear to feel like a pup. This year, he is back with the help of his Bêta Shadow who accepted the challenge of a "Simply Alpha/Bêta" session. With these photos we tried to show this particular link which unite the pack's members or simply, a puppy to another one. A beautiful proof of affection and love that the puppy-play community really needs at the moment... Enjoy!

Street rubber

Julien decided to enter the Mister Rubber France 2019 election. He needed some portraits for this, and we had not time to do a proper studio shooting. So we hit the street of Paris while he was visiting for the pride. We tried to play with the lights of the end of the day to show how rubber can be worn as a normal clothing. Now I wish him all the best for the election!

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