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Let me introduce you to Kuro, my newl alter-ego. First of all and to avoid comments from some puppies, let me confirm that Kuro is a panther and not a cat!

I am into pet-play for a few years with my tiger pet Rhaw, and since 2 years I joined many events organized by the european puppy community. And I have always been envious and jealous of the total freedom and let-go of the pet-players.

The final step to get me on the other side of the mirror has been the Folsom 2017 in Berlin, where I was puppy-sitting Farex. I felt a bit out of the game as a handler while the puppies, kitties and furries were having a great time. So I decided to be a pet, but no feeling as a dog, I created the character of Kuro, a dominant panther with a bad attitude.

After a small test during the Fetish-Project party in Brussels, I thought confident enough to wear my gear during the Mister Puppy UK election in Manchester and during the Recon party in Paris. I have to say I surprised a bit some of my friends :)

Kuro will not continue to evolve, and the next steps are the Mister Puppy Belgium election, the Darknight party in Verviers and the Leather Pride in Antwerp.

But don't worry, I am still a bondage and lycra fan ;)

Thanks a lot to Faradrim for taking the pics.

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