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First timer

I like first timers. Being a dom, I of course like having the control of a session, and hosting a guy for his first bondage session is definitely adding a twist for me. Having to tie and please a guy who still does not really know what will turn him on requires me to be even more focused, to listen carefully to his moan to see if I "hit" the right spots and make him enjoy his first time. I usually focus less on my own pleasure as I mainly want to make sure his first experience matches his fantasy and that it will the first of many BDSM sessions.

My last visitor came for his first latex and bondage meet. He was extremely nervous before we start, but as usually with us kinksters, he got totally into the game once he put his catsuit on. I started gently and slowly increased the tightness of the ropes, making sure he enjoyed each minute of the session. His moans were a good indication I was on the right way. When he took his hood off after 4 hours in my ropes and that I saw the smile on his exhausted face I knew I had done a good job.

So I think (and hope) he will be back :)

I took a few pics for him as a memory, here are some for you. Enjoy!

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