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Why do I march?

I often get asked why do I join prides as a fetishist. This is not so simple to answer.

First as a gay man I join for "political" reasons, to remind that the even if there were great progresses over the last decade in our West European countries, LGBT people don't have the same rights. There are still too many countries where being gay is considered as a crime. Prides are a good way to make sure people don"t forget this.

As Amnesty International claimed this year in Brussels, I march for those who can"t.

Then I walk by pride. For me it has not always been easy to accept to be gay and then to live my fetichism in public. I discovered my love for seconds skins at puberty, at a time where not a single French politician, actor or singer would publicly admit he was gay. Aids was the only topic linked to homosexuality talked int the media. There was of course not internet for me to discover that other guys were sharing my fantasies and the first time I saw a guy in lycra was at a pride. This is why I wear gear at prides. I was f... scared to be recognized the first time. Now I march proudly with my kink and fetish friends. And maybe there are a few people in the crowd I will help to realize they can live their fetishism.

I cannot count the number of smiles, gentle signs, nice words, hugs or even hands on the butt I receive in a pride. And very often from people I don't expect. These are little moments I never forget and cherish. Last Saturday in Brussels we met a grand-mother with her family. She pet a pup, and posed for me. Madam, I don't know if you realized, but you made the day of Farex and I! Thank you so much for your smile, for the sparkle in you eyes. We will never forget this moment and I am so happy I could catch it with my camera.

This photo summarizes the last reason why I join prides: I march for LOVE !

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