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Fetish and friendship

Fetish is not only about gear, toys, games or parties. It is foremost about people, it is relying on the trust and respect between dom and subs sharing similar kinks and fantasies.

And sometimes fetish meetings drive to deep friendship. Over the year some of my fellow kinksters became very close friends. The ones you call at night when you feel down and with whom you share the presents life sometimes gives you.

I have not been very present during the last few months as I went through some difficult times. My fetish friends were there for me during these long weeks, helping me whenever they can.

Last Saturday they were also with me during the Paris Pride. Some were missing of course, but I know they were thinking of me in Lille, Geneva or Brest.

When I feel sad my camera stay in its case. When I feel good my camera catches the smile of the people I love.

So here are a few pics for you my friends, just to thank you.

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