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Fetishist for ages, fan of photography for more than a decade, I started mixing my 2 passions a few years ago.

Whether it is in latex, neoprene, lycra, leather, during a bondage session, a fetish or a public event, I like capturing the look and the personality of my models.


In this site I want to share with you some of my favorite photos. Very often there are great memories linked to them, and I hope you will enjoy looking at them as much as the models and I had pleasure taking them.


I live in Paris, I am in my 50’s and if you look at my work you will notice I prefer guys to girls. But when it comes to photography gender does not make a difference, only the personality counts! I travel around Europe to join fetish events, so maybe we crossed ways in the past.

Photography is not my occupation, but my hobby, which gives me the luxury to chose with whom and where I want to “work”.


If you want to talk about my photos or about my fetishes, to plan a shooting for you or to ask me cover one of your fetish event, feel free to contact me HERE

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